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Videos & Forms

Here you will find the training videos we would like you to watch along with the forms we would like you to fill out & send to us with the feedback & suggestions you have gathered.

Training Videos

We have a few videos for you to watch.

An introduction video, Machines video and different videos for each payment method we have.

You only need to watch the video with the payment system you use.

If you feel there is anything we have missed feel free to get in touch!.

Introduction to the A.P


Payment systems


This is where you will find the Feedback forms for you to fill out with the information you have gathered from your student community.

We would like you to send us one form  every 3 months using the 3 monthly feedback form. You can use the extra feedback form for any additional feedback & suggestionsyou would like to send & you can send as many as you like!

We would like to hear a mix of positive and negative feedback please.

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